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President's message

Welcome to the Kent Law Society's website. Whether you are looking for legal help, or you are a law student, or a solicitor or paralegal, I hope you will find the contacts and information you need here.

To those seeking legal help, I would like to say that our county has a wealth of legal expertise and infrastructure to meet all needs, and the Society's skilled members are on your doorstep. 

This President's year will be based on three principles:
Firstly, 'For you', with events organised relating to wellbeing and mental health plus some fun and indulgent activities to switch off and enjoy.
Secondly it will be about the future,  with an emphasis on KLS continuing to encourage and support future lawyers and future trainees. 
Thirdly, it will be about charity, supporting the Young Lives Foundation to in turn support young people, provide advocates and offer advice and support for children who may not get that help elswehere. 

"Every month of my Presidential term, I pledge to enter an event or activity to try to  raise funds by way of sponsorship... including runs, sea dips and cycling."

Louise Duckett, President




Louise talks to us about her first 100 days as KLS president...

So, I've been reliably informed that it's the done thing to write an article about what you've achieved in your first 100 days in a new role and today marks my 100th day at KLS President!  So here goes...

The first thing I should say, is how time is absolutely flying by. I'm loving the role and enjoying how many people I get to meet and visit and I hope I'm doing a good job for the society!

12th May was day 1 of my presidency and what a day! I still can't stop smiling when I think about the dinner and awards, particularly when I think about the incredible start to my fundraising for The Young Lives Foundation!! During my speech (which I am relieved I got through!) I set out my goals for my year 'For you, for the future, for charity.' I hope that people can see these goals reflected in each of the events I organise during my year. As usual, it was wonderful to see so many friendly faces enjoying the evening, letting their hair down and celebrating everything law related in Kent. I absolutely loved seeing the award winners faces and hearing from the fantastic Imran Mahmood. I can safely say it was a date I'll never forget!

On 16th May, I was lucky enough to be a speaker for an event for the Law Society, discussing digital transformation. Then on 19th May, I got the visit the Law Society for a Local Law Society conference. I met so many other Presidents and got to chat to Lubna Shuja, Richard Atkinson and Ian Jeffery. I learnt so much and look forward to the future events at The Law Society.

Then on 21st May, I ran my first event for YLF -  the Deal Bubble Rush. It was a really fun event  and such a lovely way to start my pledge of one event per month in order to raise money for my charity of the year!

13th June saw a first for Kent Law Society -  the first time the Society had entered our own team for the London Legal Support Trust walk. A beautiful day of sunshine and great company meant that the 10k walk went by very quickly, followed by celebrations at the Law Society. I hope that this will become an annual event for Kent Law Society.

On 21st June, I was absolutely honoured to be able to attend the Devon and Somerset Law Society dinner and awards on behalf of KLS, and what an event it was! We heard from Lubna Shuja and Shaun Wallace and there was fabulous entertainment. It was so lovely meeting Presidents of other local law societies and an absolute pleasure to see all of the very worthy award winners.

On 27th June, we had a KLS General Purposes Committee meeting - my first as President! This meant the first time I had to chair the meeting (that usually I just get to watch!). I wasn't able to attend in person, which was a shame as it's so lovely to catch up with my fellow committee members, but it was really productive and I think it went well. KLS is so lucky to have such an amazing group of people who want to progress the society every step of the way!

I was also lucky enough to go to a dinner hosted by Lady Hale that same day, thanks to the incredible Dana Denis-Smith and Next 100 Years. If you don't know about this lady already, and the amazing things she does, you absolutely need to check her and her campaigns out! I met so many inspirational people at this event and of course I could barely get my words out when I got to meet Lady Hale herself!

On 29th June, I ran an online event about Supervision and Burnout. The speakers were Leah Steele, Nigel Clarke and Elizabeth Rimmer. I don't think we as lawyers can stress enough how important these topics are and how vital it is that we keep this conversation going. It felt like a really topical event and I was proud (and privileged) to start my year with such an important discussion. I also realised how important it is to be able to show a bit of vulnerability sometimes; as lawyers, we often think we have to show we are holding it together every single moment of every day, and the reality of trying to do that is very different!


On 11th July, KLS managed to attend 2 x school events. Jon Pitt, Phoebe Coles and Paige Harrison attended Dover Grammar and I attended the Folkestone School for Girls. I know we were all so impressed by the students we met and it really is reassuring to hear from so many aspiring lawyers. I love attending these events and they really tie into my presidential aim for the future - encouraging our future trainees, our future partners and our futures judges.

On 12th July, I was lucky enough to host an on-line event about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. We heard from speakers from the The Law Society, Eunice Shang-Simpson LLM, FCIArb, Mary-Joyce Insaidoo and Toto James from Partners Wealth Management. It was such an insightful event and I really learnt a lot. We had such great feedback. To me, ED&I is an issue which plays a part in every single decision we should be making in our firms and I honestly don't think we can talk about it too much. If you?d like to see the recording for this event, please do get in touch.

On 21st July, the KLS wine tasting event at Chartham Vineyard took place. It was really well attended and an enjoyable evening. Part of my plan for my presidential year includes running events 'for you' and this was certainly one of them! It was a relaxing chance to get together, chat, network and support a local business. It was so brilliant seeing the vines growing and it really was a beautiful summer evening. A huge thanks to Chartham Vineyard to hosting us.

On 23rd July, I took on my third fundraising event for The Young Lives Foundation. It was the Deal Dinosaur 10k and it didn?t disappoint. I naively had not trained very much. I rocked up to the start line feeling particularly nervous. I used to class myself as a runner, but young children and a busy work life has really interfered with my running time! I had been thinking up all sorts of excuses to try to get out of it, but thinking about my fundraising for YLF got me to the start line and it got me to the finish line also thankfully!

In August, I was featured in Legal Futures talking about digitisation in the family courts. If you want to read the article, you can find it here: In the rush to digitise, let's not leave people behind - Legal Futures

The ED&I sub-committee came up with the brilliant plan to showcase some of our amazing local lawyers celebrating South Asian Heritage Month. We were lucky enough to have articles written by Shakeel Malik (LLB), Pavandeep Kaur Dhillon, Rabina Shrestha, Usman Miah, Ann Nicholas, Monikar Cheema and Jay Sahota. They were fantastic and fascinating articles and it was a joy to read each of them. If you haven't seen them yet, check out our Linkedin posts so that you can catch up. Thank you to everybody who contributed and especially to Mary-Joyce Insaidoo for organising.

Then on 17th August, I absolutely loved having the opportunity to be the quiz master at the KLS trainee/junior lawyer quiz. What a fab event -  and how lucky are we to have such an incredible sub-committee (well done Paige Harrison, Sasha Austin, Tara Louise Kaby and Pavandeep Kaur Dhillon. When I joined KLS (many years ago!!) I got the best job of being able to arrange the junior lawyer events. I can safely say that my events weren't half as much fun and enjoyable and the variety that is on offer via our current sub-committee is second to none. The quiz was a sell out a packed room and a great bunch of lawyers. It was actually my first time being a quiz master; and I'm glad that was my role, because I am confident I wouldn't have contributed anything at all to a team with the questions (and riddles!) on offer. It was a brilliant event and it really reflected what an incredible future we have ahead of us with the amazing trainees/juniors in the room!

What have I learnt?

I'm told its customary to tell people what I've learnt in my first 100 days.

I've learnt so much and I've written loads already, so if you're still reading congrats. I guess what I need to learn is to become a bit more concise!

I have learnt that it's a big task and responsibility to be a President of a local law society; but it is also a complete honour. In what other role would I get to meet so many incredible, passionate, wonderful lawyers. I have learnt how most lawyers are in it because they want to help people; despite what the media might try to tell us. I have also learnt to listen more; listening to ideas from friends/colleagues and members and learning what the issues are that lawyers in Kent needs KLS to focus on.

On 26th August, I have my fourth fundraising event for YLF. I will be running a 10k run around the Olympic park. I'd love any support I can get and if you want to check out my sponsorship page, please do take a look: The Young Lives Foundation: Kent Law Society Charity of the Year 2023-24 (

On 6th September we have another committee meeting; giving us a chance to get planning some more fantastic events! We have a lot of exciting things being planned, so do keep an eye out on social media and newsletters!

On 21st September we are running an online event about how to become a Judge! This is for absolutely anybody who wants to consider this route now or in the future! We have some fantastic speakers lined up and I am so grateful to Pump Court Chambers for collaborating on this.

On 26th September we have our charity golf day. If you haven't signed up yet, please do so soon. The aim is to raise as much money as possible for YLF but also to have fun and socialise and enjoy the beautiful views in Deal! We have 3 x more golf holes available for sponsorship so if you or your business want to get involved (for a small £50 donation) Just drop me a message! (or email:

17th November - THE CHARITY BALL! If I've seen you recently, it's likely I've already mentioned it! But I am so excited to be organising another charity ball. This one is in Canterbury and details will be out soon. But please save the date!!!! If you or your firm are able to donate a prize for the auction, please get in touch!

23rd November
If you are a professional and you want to get involved with an amazing student event at Christchurch University, then 
Tara Louise Kaby is the person to speak to. She is in the midst of planning a brilliant event for law students and she needs your help!

28th November The Tucker Millward Lecture. I am sworn to secrecy as to the speaker for this event BUT IT IS NOT ONE TO MISS!!!!!!!!! Save the date and keep an eye out!


I'm writing this on the eve of the Women's World Cup Football  Final; and in many ways, it's reminded me of how far we have come in Law. It wasn't that long ago that women had to fight to become lawyers, just like lots of women have had to fight to become football players (flashback to when I was 10 years old and told I couldn't play in the football team because there wasn't one for girls!).

Why does this matter? Within my first 100 days, I have had the privilege to meet and talk to so many people, hearing so many different stories about journeys into law. Practically none of them have been easy or straightforward or how we might imagine them to be, it has really shown me the resilience and determination that many lawyers have. It is also so topical as we watch the legal world change with the introduction of SQE and the rise in popularity of the Solicitor Apprentiship scheme. So here I am, repeating my pledge, to use my own determination to progress my presidential goals ?for you, for the future and for charity.

Thank you so much for reading this (if you managed to get this far). I am always open to a chat or suggestions for events you might like to see - so please do get in touch!


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