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In-house training

In house training can be a cost effective solution, even for the smaller firm, once travelling time and expenses are taken into account. Skills and management topics are particularly suitable for such training, bearing in mind the need to train across the full range of law firm workers.

Kent Law Society has identified a large number of subjects suitable for in house training, and courses on these topics are listed below. Courses can be tailor made to fit the needs of your firm, both in terms of length and target audience. Contact us for details of dates, prices and availability.

1. Writing and drafting

  1. Writing and drafting in Plain English
  2. Writing and drafting legal documents
  3. Writing for the Press
  4. Writing business emails
  5. Grammar and Spelling crash course
  6. Checking and proof reading documents
  7. Drafting Contract Clauses
  8. Writing pitch documents and proposals for new work

2. Risk and compliance

  1. Money laundering
  2. Conflict, confidentiality and equal treatment
  3. Risk management
  4. Client care
  5. Compliance

3. Personal skills

  1. Personal efficiency: time management
  2. Leadership
  3. Working with distressed clients
  4. Interviewing skills
  5. Negotiating skills
  6. Ensuring personal safely
  7. Setting objectives as part of the appraisal process
  8. Promoting constructive suggestions for change within the Firm
  9. Change management

4. Marketing

5. Legal training

  1. Private client
  2. Conveyancing
    1. Telephone manner and in particular giving quotes
    2. Justifying fees to the client including extra fees where more time than anticipated has been incurred
    3. The professional responsibilities contained in The Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme
    4. Complying with file management standards: why and how
  3. Litigation
    1. Debt recovery

For further details on any course, including content and fees, or for queries about other training which could be offered on an in house basis, contact Emma Hegarty on 07985 329327 or email:

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